At Animal Hospital of Fairfield, we perform a wide variety of surgeries

Our surgical procedures range from routine spays and neuters to emergency procedures, such as intestinal obstructions, pyometra surgery, and c-sections. We can perform surgery to remove bladder stones, amputate toes or even limbs, and we can remove a wide variety of skin masses and tumors. For more specialized surgeries, we can have a surgical specialist perform the procedure in our practice, or we can refer you to a speciality hospital.

Anesthetic safety

Though no anesthetic procedure is without risk, we attempt to minimize that risk with each procedure. Some of the measures we take include the following:

  • All of our surgical patients have an IV catheter in place to allow us quick, stress-free access for providing medications and fluid support. We run IV fluids during each anesthetic procedure to support our patient's blood pressure and keep them hydrated.
  • We have several different types of anesthetic and pain medications available, so we can tailor the anesthetic plan specifically for your pet’s needs, taking into account age, health, breed, and other factors.
  • During all anesthetic procedures, our doctors are assisted by a trained technician whose job it is to monitor and adjust your pet’s anesthesia to the appropriate level. They measure and record vital signs, monitor heart rate and rhythm on ECG, check blood pressure, and provide warming support to keep your pet from getting cold. 

If you have any questions about how we manage the risks involved with anesthesia, do not hesitate to ask.